Charles Tool Company, LLC Machine Shop Capabilities

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Whether you need a prototype, small quantities, large quantities, or a long-term supply with scheduled deliveries, Charles Tool Company will work with you in any situation to provide the highest-quality product on time.  Charles Tool Company is organized to act quickly and accurately from the preliminary stages through production and delivery.

Charles Tool specializes in, but is not limited to the following services, products, materials, and material forms:

CNC Milling  Machining  Aluminum
Vertical  Welding  Carbon Steel
1-Leadwell V-25  Assemblies  Alloy Steel
1-Leadwell V-30  Fixtures  Stainless Steel
1-Leadwell V-40  Sawing  Nickel Based Alloys
1-Milltronics Partner  Grinding  Plastics
 Support  Brass
CNC Turning  Gear Box Repair  Copper
 2 axis  Hydraulic Pump Repair  Cast Iron
 1-Mazak M4 Material Forms
 1-Citizen Swiss Turn  Bar Stock
 Sawed Blanks
3-Bridgeport Type Milling Machines  Forgings
3-Engine Lathes  Extrusions
1-Sinker Type EDM  Plate
Precision Finishing
 O.D. Grinding
 Surface Grinding
Secondary Machining





MasterCam helps Charles Tool Company produce new products quickly and efficiently.  It makes NC programming faster, easier, and more accurate through proven repeatability.

Secondary Operations / Fulfillment

Charles Tool Company offers secondary operations for all of our products, including assembly, secondary machining, grinding and welding. We also have strategic partnerships with heat treatment and plating vendors.

Our proven secondary capacity allows for speedy delivery, reduced costs and greater quality control by acting through a single source. By purchasing completed units, our customers can significantly reduce raw material and finished inventory expenses.


We must be prepared to meet our customer’s needs on a moments notice with an inventory of  spare parts to fit your needs.  To enable our personnel to respond quickly we have built an extensive inventory of parts for various machines to develop healthy relationships with our customers.   We have been known to receive a Print and a P.O. and ship parts on the same day.